River City Church of Pittsburgh is a congregation of Christian believers who love Jesus Christ and are committed to relationships with one another many of which are developing through decades. Our focus is the spiritual growth of each member of the fellowship. We believe that a deep love for the Lord manifests in one thing: loving one another as He has loved each one of us. We love to have fun, and to learn to build up the other members through Spirit-led acts of service and the implementation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual life comes only through faith in Jesus Christ who died on the cross and rose from the dead. Faith in Him causes the eternal presence of the Lord to reside in the believer and motivates him/her to love selflessly. We believe that the Bible is Divinely inspired by God to tell the Good News to mankind that Jesus is alive. We also believe that God reveals Himself personally to each individual who asks Him to. He teaches each believer to hear His voice and make fruitful life choices. We believe that we are a part of the body of Christ in the earth and in heaven and in preaching the reality of His Kingdom to everyone. We welcome anyone who embraces these values.

We meet at 10:15 AM on Sundays for a fellowship time, followed by a service at 11 AM.

Wayne Jacobson (1.5 hour Q&A) on March 31, 2019
330 E Edgewood Ave, Trafford, PA 15085